Canadian Street Style Bloggers on CTV, The Record

Both and (from Waterloo) have run a story about Canadian street style blogging, featuring brief interviews with creators/photographers.

Check it:


The Record


These two young women were soaking up the sun and warmth that has finally penetrated the deep Winnipeg's springtime! Also, the woman in the striped dress informed me that while in NYC this winter, she was Facehunted. Pan-American streetstyle, way to go!

On Campus - Fun Hair

Pub Study in Black, White &Red

On Campus - The Philosophy Student

University - At the Escalator

I like the hat/dress combination, and the mix of the pendant on the detail of the dress pattern - it matches the buttons, too! This beautiful young woman is a friend of mine, and she always looks great. I'm sure she'll return to Hooks.

New Year's Eve - Winnipeg Art Gallery

Chicago - O'Hare

Portland - Hotel Washroom Doors

These are the doors to the restrooms in a Portland hotel. I loved them so much I decided they deserve a spot in my style blog.


First, apologies for the lack of updates. December was a flurry of exams and papers and travel. I hope to be more regular in my posting through the rest of winter and into the spring.

That said, over the holidays I was in Chicago and Portland (OR), and took a few photos, as well as a New Years Party here in Winnipeg.