The City of Winnipeg has a populace of about 700,000 and is the capital of the province of Manitoba, which is recognized as Canada’s friendly province. Winnipeg, the chief city in Manitoba, is house for people from over 40 different countries across the globe. 

Situated at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, this varied prairie city boasts spectacular sunsets and northern lights, the biggest urban forest in Canada, a long tradition of fineness in the Arts, more than 100 cultural festivals each year, and professional football, hockey, and base ball teams. 

Winnipeg rejoices the holiday season with festivals, concerts, parades, fireworks, and the lighting of hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights. Known as the Christmas Capital of Canada, Winnipeg can approximately guarantee a White Christmas and the right weather for winter activities like sleigh rides, skating and skiing. With 358 hours of sunshine in December, January, and February, Winnipeg has the sunniest winters in Canada.