On Campus - Fun Hair

Pub Study in Black, White &Red

On Campus - The Philosophy Student

University - At the Escalator

I like the hat/dress combination, and the mix of the pendant on the detail of the dress pattern - it matches the buttons, too! This beautiful young woman is a friend of mine, and she always looks great. I'm sure she'll return to Hooks.

New Year's Eve - Winnipeg Art Gallery

Chicago - O'Hare

Portland - Hotel Washroom Doors

These are the doors to the restrooms in a Portland hotel. I loved them so much I decided they deserve a spot in my style blog.


First, apologies for the lack of updates. December was a flurry of exams and papers and travel. I hope to be more regular in my posting through the rest of winter and into the spring.

That said, over the holidays I was in Chicago and Portland (OR), and took a few photos, as well as a New Years Party here in Winnipeg.